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Friday, 28 August 2020

To be released 25 th September 2020 Sword

Artwork by James Alexander Day 

My good friend James did this artwork for me. 

If you want to contact him his details are 

Mobile 07530 196587


  1. When listening to sword by David n Slater I cannot help but think how good this wonderful track by the Musical Artizan would be in a sci-fi movie. And i can see this playing as something very dramatic happens in the film . Maybe some ships are fighting in space . as this is playing in the backgroud . as music is almost the third actor or actress in many of I love. And is being used in a futuristic sci-fi movie

  2. When it comes to my musical tastes I am very a collective in what i like everything from classical music to rock and pop. jazz and progressive Rock. I have over the past year been getting into Radio 3 after dark. where's the show that I like listening it's very Collective . . And listening to this track by the Musical Artizan remind me of a lot of the things that i here and love hearing on Radio 3 after dark .. and i just love this track as it remind me. of a lot of the classical music and progressive Rock hat i so much like

  3. Thank you James. I must listen to Radio 3 sometime. I rarely listen to other music as i am composing most of the time. But when I do I tend to listen for mixing, panning etc and tend not to enjoy it as music as I should, but i suppose that comes with the territory.

    1. your very welcome and it is well worth listening tow and i know what its like when i am painting i do no have time for other things .

  4. Hi there!
    I am not sure if I can commission James an artwork, but I can say what I appreciate in this picture, 'Sword': a good balance between simplicity and complexity.
    I mean: a too complex picture (with too many details) would not be adequate for Spotify (imagine it reduced at thumbnail level).
    But however there is here enough aesthetic information, so that the image is interesting and attractive.
    Have a great release day, soon.

    Juan María Solare