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Monday, 27 December 2021

This is Lurve

Lurve is a Russian noise pop band from the heart of Siberia, Novosibirsk, Russia. They are perhaps best suited to a time 35 years ago when the chunky basslines of post-punk were just beginning to morph into jangle-pop. Infectious sparky and vibrant atmospheric guitar pop with nostalgic and melancholic harmonies, drawing from early 80s UK post-punk, hazy 90s shoegaze and some 2000s Captured Tracks bands like Beach Fossils. Remaining faithful to the band’s name, the angsty and nostalgic new album wanders obsessively through the doubts and hesitations concerning love, eternally waiting too long.

Wednesday, 17 November 2021

New Album due out January 7th 2022


two albums due out in December Young at heart and Justice for the Nations


Sunday, 14 November 2021

Musical Artizan Radio November Mini Podcast


Musical From

new website page and revamped form on musical artizan radio


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Monday, 8 November 2021

Jacob's Land due out NOW


Justice For the Nations Due Out 27th December


Wednesday, 3 November 2021

Allan Corby Releases New Single: “Love Is Like A Merry Go Round”

Allan Corby fell in love with the guitar at the early age of 13 and learned to play folk songs and progressed to having a trio that auditioned for Ted Mack Amateur Hour at the New York World’s Fair in 1964. Allan became involved in radio in the late ’60s and had a unique radio segment called, “Mr. Guitarman”, in which he taught guitar chords to popular songs live on the radio. He began writing his own songs and in 1972, got a record deal and produced pop/disco tracks released on Polygram/Mercury.

His talent led to performances in many clubs across NYC as well as having the opportunity to be an opening act for The Doobie Brothers and ZZ Top. After getting married and starting a family, Allan took a 40-year break from the music industry. Now in his early 70’s, Allan is writing with fire and passion. Love Is a Merry-go-round is his newest acoustic-inspired release, produced by his online guitar teacher and finger-style guitarist extraordinaire, Lance Allen. Allan continues to learn the art of finger-style guitar and writes new songs every week.



NOVEMBER 2ND 2021 (CANADA) – established actor and singer/songwriter James Daly has unveiled his latest single, “Ghost of A Lover”, across all major streaming platforms.

The release of “Ghost Of A Lover” follows James' release of 5 previous singles since 2020, all of which have been building momentum for the independent artist. Later this year, James is set to release his first EP with 5 further tracks, all self-written and musically inspired by iconic pop legends such as Harry Styles & John Mayer. With the EP, you can expect guitar-driven pop songs with distinct blues influences, set to be future classics.

James latest release, “Ghost Of A Lover”, is reminiscent of early Michael Jackson with layered horns and an unmistakable sassy and funky sound. Cheeky, honest and unapologetically Pop-Rock, “Ghost Of A Lover” rightly became the lead single of the EP. Working with The Online Recording Studio’s producer, Tom Orell, James took time in handcrafting the track to be exactly what he wanted it to be. Much like his previous singles, James enjoys being involved in the full creative process, to bring a level of authenticity to each track.

The EP is set to have great variety, with mysterious, sexy tracks such as “Pineapple Crush”’, and more romantic, longing tracks such as “Wish You Knew” and “Montreal Weather”. But similar to “Ghost Of A Lover”, James brings more positive energy with the track ‘Rather Be Alone’ which is classic rock and roll and packed full of fun.

'Ghost Of A Lover' Single Artwork

James is also due to have one of his previous releases “I Believe In You” featured in the newest series of Letterkenny, the award-winning television show he is currently appearing in. Letterkenny is a ‘quick-witted, fast-paced, snappy comedy about rural folk getting by in a small town’ and has fast grown a cult following across the globe via Hulu and Amazon Prime. James has played the character ‘Ron’ since 2017 in over 19 episodes with many more to come.

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Tuesday, 26 October 2021


“Her songs will melt away tension while expanding your mind and widening your eyes” - TheMeltingMusicPot

“A raw talent using a sample pad in such a way it’s clear she has an astute musical intelligence. Sounding like a mix of old school jazz vocals, Prince and Bjork without sounding like a fax machine…an incredible performance” – Festivals for All (blog)

OCTOBER 26TH 2021 (LONDON, UK) – independent singer/songwriter Lu’Ami has today unveiled her latest single, “Other Side”, across all major streaming platforms.

The release of “Other Side” is part of an original mixtape being released on the 28th of December, as a collection of 6 tracks. This is the 4th track to be released from the compilation, with tracks “Dynamite”, “Riot” and “WYP” already available to stream and digital download. Throughout the collection, you can expect Alternative/Indie tracks with elements of experimental pop and layers of hip-hop drum beats. Relentlessly Alt-Pop, each of the songs from the mixtape were written by Lu’Ami on a loop pedal, with inspiration coming from a variety of female artists including BANKS, Little Dragon, Billie Ellish, Erykah Badu & Grimes.

Much like Lu’Ami’s other tracks, her latest release, “Other Side” draws inspiration from her real-life experience. Written at a time when Lu’Ami recognised that the dynamic between her and one of her closest friends wasn't working out, the idea to stop giving when someone else isn't giving anymore inspired the narrative of the track. With choral vocals throughout the record, Lu’Ami originally wrote “Other Side” to be totally built on vocals, even the bass. Although some elements were later produced, she kept these vocal elements to retain the choral church sound she originally envisioned.

Lu’Ami’s previously released tracks “Dynamite” and “WYP” were some of her favourite creations to date, with limitations of her loop-pedal writing style propelling an unusual structure outside of the norm. This meant that to work around the constraints of the loop-pedal, she had to get creative and in the end, delivered something really unique. Lyrically inspired by self-worth and toxic bonds, these tracks are some of the more emotionally charged narratives on the collection, yet still manifested in the ethereal tones Lu’Ami has become known for. By creating these new tracks, Lu’Ami has also discovered her unique style as an artist, learning that Alt-Pop truly encapsulates her sound.

The upcoming mixtape will be Lu’Ami’s third major release after debut release “Better” in 2016 and “Warriors” launch in 2019 where she toured the EP in Berlin, Amsterdam and Hamburg. This was Lu’Ami’s first international tour where she had improvised jams with musicians that she met and played a collection of awe-inspiring venues. Lu’Ami also sparked conversation on social media with her “Warriors” EP launch about what empowerment is, encouraging stories from fans about what empowerment means to them, with the ability to then connect with eachother. This was as part of a Kickstarter campaign Lu’Ami successfully ran for the launch, which was supported and funded by her fanbase.

That same year she also supported Afrobeat, Ska/ Funk band Town Of Cats on their tour of Europe summer of 2019 in Lake Garda. Lu’Ami has also been celebrated by BBC Introducing, performed live on BBC 3 in front of Louis Theroux and alongside Rag N Bone Man. Connecting and collaborating with people is one of the most important elements of Lu’Ami’s musical journey, as playing music live has put her in amazing situations to expand herself by meeting and connecting to new people she wouldn't usually meet and building community through music.

Lu’Ami also is passionate about using her music for change, with sustainability and mental health at the forefront of causes she supports. Her first EP “Better” has raised over £2115 for the Mental Health Foundation and she collaborated with several sustainable fashion designers for the EP launch. The launch of “Better” was hosted in a beautiful church, where Lu’Ami chose a sustainable fashion designer to show their collection down the runway of meadow flowers to each track. The EP launch was funded by supporters of the project on Kickstarter and was to raise awareness of climate change. The collective sold sustainable products and had a speaker from MyGreenPod magazine. Nina Kovacevic (Founder War & Drobe) has also previously asked to play Lu’Ami’s music while she had her models walk down the runway at the renowned London Fashion Week.

The full experimental mixtape will be released on the 28th of December across all major streaming platforms with singles “Your Loss” and “My King” also released in the next coming months. Lu’Ami is also on track to release a further solo album in 2022, alongside collaborating with artist Adam Staff to release an album on the subject of empathy under the name 'New Colour'.

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Tuesday, 19 October 2021

all these due out soon

Tuesday, 12 October 2021

Upbeat Rhythm due out 15th October live now


Haunted Echoes Due out 15th October live now


Monday, 11 October 2021

October Playlist due out 15th October


Thursday, 7 October 2021

Western flute (you know the metal one with all the keys ) due out 8 th October


Friday, 1 October 2021


OCTOBER 1ST 2021 (MONTANA, USA) – singer/songwriter Rachelle Klein has today released her debut single “Cult Classic”, across all major streaming platforms.

“Cult Classic” is the first single to be released from Rachelle’s upcoming EP “Til It’s Light” releasing later this year. Reminiscent of an old western movie mixed with Carrie Underwood’s “Before He Cheats”, “Cult Classic” is an unapologetically honest anthem rooted in a very real experience. After leaving a negative situation, Rachelle realised that the stories of herself and others hadn’t been fully told yet. Through the medium of music, the track follows the narrative of walking away from the lies and confronting them with the truth. Though “Cult Classic” is a departure from Rachelle’s normal style as a songwriter, she admits the whole process of writing and recording the track was quite liberating.

When everything was being exposed about the organization that inspired the track, and long-buried secrets were coming to light, Rachelle found it hard to digest all the stories and the emotions that came with it. She began writing as a way of processing everything, and brought it to a friend of hers, Beth Whitney, during a songwriting session. After reading through her notes and hearing what Rachelle had started, Beth picked up her guitar and played the now melody of the song. All along Rachelle had thought this song should be something mournful and sad, but the gritty tune feels like the perfect fit for the story they crafted together.

Throughout the process of creating “Cult Classic” and the soon to be released EP “Til It’s Light” Rachelle really explored the genres of Folk, Americana, Indie and Alternative. Her production style is stripped back and gives an intimate feel to the music she creates. This is also evident in the way she likes to perform, as the closeness to her audience is a key part of any show. In the past audiences have described her performances as ‘Magic’ which Rachelle says she can feel too, especially when lost in the moment of a song with a private audience.

“When the show was described as ‘Magic’ by someone in the audience, It was just this grand moment of realizing they felt it too. Connection is really important to me as an artist. “ - Rachelle Klein

The EP “Til It’s Light” was written by Rachelle as a 5 part collection of original tracks, influenced musically by the likes of Stevie Nicks, Joy Williams and John Mayer, and inspired by Rachelle’s real-life experiences. After the release of “Cult Classic”, “Get It Right” will be the second release from the EP, a track with a groovy composition and a narrative centred around the highs and lows of relationships. Relatable, hopeful and with an honest edge - “Get It Right” is set to be a new favourite breakup or makeup track when released later this year. Alongside “Get It Right”, the next track “Green Eyed Girl” is a dreamy record with upright bass, transporting the listener to a 60’s daydream with a rose coloured haze all around. The lyrics follow Rachelle’s childhood, with emotionally filled verses but a feeling of resolve and peace towards the end.


Rachelle’s ‘coming home’ track on the EP “Someday Soon” is classic country, with a bluegrass vibe. Rachelle wrote this song at home whilst in lockdown in 2020. The lyrics have a heaviness to their subject, due to the time of writing, but end with the hope that a break in the clouds is on the way and better days are coming. Creating this track was a great opportunity to explore Rachelle’s country roots, driven by the banjo, slide guitars and a foot-tapping beat.

The title, and closing track of the EP “Til It’s Light”, is a track that Rachelle feels is her most authentic and is the rawest of the collection. Its stripped-down style lends itself to the delicate sadness and heartfelt lyrics in the verses that deal with loss, love, grief & hope. The last verse gives a nod to those closest to us who stay until the good comes around again, showcasing the realness & emotional vulnerability in her songwriting.

“Songwriting has become such a privilege to me – to be able to craft something in a song that becomes relatable to another person.” - Rachelle Klein

This EP has been a long time in the making, as Rachelle has been playing music since she was 13 years old and reminisces about how she started singing almost before she could speak. Alongside learning Piano, she went on to pick up the guitar, electric guitar, ukulele, kick drum and the banjo, which is now her current instrument of choice. Songwriting entered her world in her late 20’s when a friend approached her to begin writing some songs together, with ‘Til It’s Light’ now being her debut release.



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Wednesday, 29 September 2021

Piano Creations due out 8th october


Fast n Furious and Medicine Wheel both due out 8th October


Wednesday, 1 September 2021

single due for release on 10th september Nine Ninjas


Album Bansuri Elements Due out 10th september